Waste Management & Recycling Services

Waste Management Services


Through our collection services, we will remove any waste upon request with our fleet of vehicles.


We can crush, melt, clean and prepare plastics for further processing and recycling instead of using virgin materials.


This service is designed to make paper and carton products more compact. These scraps can be used as animal bedding or sent for recycling.


We can recycle wood and turn it into wood pellets, pallets or even present it with a new life. We believe in the avoidance of using new wood.


This service is ideal for companies that handle sensitive data and information. We will also supply a certificate of destruction upon request.


We offer baling services for plastic and cardboard products. This service is designed to better handle large volumes of bulky material.

Plastic Recycling Services

We hold a choice of plastic recycling equipment. Depending on the type of plastic at hand, we can crush it, clean it and prepare it for further processing. 


We also melt certain plastic materials in order to create and reproduce clean plastic granules. This helps in reducing plastic’s carbon footprint in Malta.

Our Equipment

Over the years, we have invested heavily in a large fleet of vehicles used for collection. This fleet is made up of small trucks, tippers and large lorries. Our largest lorry is up to 40 feet long and can be used to collect a wide range of materials. 


Our fleet also includes forklift trucks, baling machines and shredding machinery.

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