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C&V Polymers Ltd was set up in 1998 and mainly focused on the recycling of plastics and plastic products. Over the years, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery and in building up a team of highly qualified personnel.

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Over the years, we started collecting and recycling waste to produce a choice of clean plastic granules designed for reuse. The company eventually expanded its operations to include domestic waste – particularly plastic water bottles and other packaging plastic materials. We also collect a range of cartons and other paper materials for baling and exporting.

Wood Pellet Uses

We can present you with a selection of wood pellets ideal for a wide range of uses

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Pellets can also be utilised to generate heat and power in furnaces, stoves and boilers.

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Animal Bedding

Wood pellets can be used as animal bedding thanks to their high absorbency.

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Wooden pellets are ideal for cooking as well and are used for wood ovens, smokers and pits.

Animal Bedding

We can present you with a supply of wood pellets that are suitable to use as animal bedding. These eco-friendly pellets are ideal for pen, equine, poultry and caged animals. 

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Plastic Recycling

Over the years, we have invested in state of the art equipment to recycle plastics. Depending on the type of plastic at hand, we can crash the material, clean it and prepare it for further processing. We are also capable of melting certain plastic materials, extrude and produce fine clean granules ready to be given a second life instead of using the virgin raw materials in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

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Over the years, we have invested heavily in a range of state-of-the-art machinery for our fully-equipped workshop.

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